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The Explorer Room (30 – 36 months)

The Explorer Room is a bright and welcoming room that gives children time and resources which promotes their independence and enhances their development.

The resources used are based on the children’s age and stage of development, and the activities aim to nurture their holistic development and encourage self-access to give the children confidence in their own abilities.

The children have a free-flow environment where they can filter through into the creative room and the kitchen area. In these rooms the children have access to a wide variety of resources which support their creative development and enrich their creative thinking skills. Some of the resources include; air drying clay, paper maché, paint, play dough, rubber stamps, glitter, glue, pipe cleaners and feathers. The children have free access to all of the collage materials but are supervised at all times.

The Explorer Room consists of well-resourced areas which present simple challenges and provide positive experiences for the children. The areas include; a book corner, a sensory area, an ICT area, a graphics table, a role play area and a construction / small world area. 

An important focus of play and learning in the Explorer Room is through the use of recycled resources, modelled on the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. The children have a range of materials available to construct and arrange as they wish. This gives them opportunities to develop all areas of learning as they create stories to go with their constructions and use other resources to enhance what they have made.

It also aids their language development as the children talk to each other and to adults while they are constructing. The members of staff use language appropriate to the children’s age and stage of development and use these opportunities to introduce the children to new words to build on their vocabulary. 

We plan for the children to have outdoor time each session, as well as have access to creative opportunities and music and movement sessions.

The children’s snack consists of fresh fruit and water which is provided on a rolling snack system. Children are supervised when pouring their own drinks and helped to put away their dirty cups and bowls when they have finished. This helps to develop their sense of responsibility and gives them encouragement in their own abilities to do things. Water is available throughout the day and is left out on a table in the kitchen area for children to independently access when they desire.